Sunday, August 13, 2006

Litterbox Ramp

This is an older project. Just thought it'd be nice to post here.

This is a ramp to stop cat litter from being tracked around the house. For a full description / discussion, please see the post at

This was built out of 5/8" particle board, glued and sealed with epoxy. Four felt pads at the bottom keep it from wobbling. The epoxy will protect it if there is ever any overspray of urine. Some fillets were made with a mix of whole wheat flour and epoxy. Whole wheat turned out a bit too dark to color match the particle board and white flour might work better. A commercial version of the Litterbox Ramp would be made out of polyethylene.

Conceptual draft.

Here are cutout dimensions:

These dimensions do not account for the widths of saw cuts. This is because the glue I used (mix of epoxy, silica and glass microspheres) will fill any voids. The sloped part needs two angled cuts to fit well, see the drawing below. There is a 3/16" offset between top and bottom of the cuts.

These drawings were made in Google Sketchup. You can download the Sketchup document here.

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