Saturday, July 16, 2011

Make outboard stand from hand truck

This is a handtruck converted to double as an outboard stand. Very convenient for servicing and flushing the outboard. The steps to make this:
  1. measure height from tip of motor to top of transom bracket. Add an inch or two for clearance and take into account that you don't want the outboard motor mounting bolts to interfere with the hand truck.
  2. take measuring tape to hand truck and find where you'd like to have the transom mount and how long it should extend to match the hand truck well.
  3. I used three layers of 3/4" plywood, laminated together with wood glue and the weight of a car. The plywood is bolted to some scrap pieces of teak behind the vertical bars of the hand truck. I used wing nuts for easy removal. Everything was sanded down a bit and got some urethane spray paint.
It works great. In the photo you can see a motor being flushed by sitting it in a large bucket.


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