Sunday, March 31, 2013

Boot Dryer

A day of skiing tends to leave me with damp ski boots that are difficult to dry. The same problem happens with my hiking boots and this can cause boots to smell.

The boot dryer is not meant for outdoors; I just think grass makes a nice background.
To address this I made a boot dryer. It's a wooden box with four ABS pipes to hang the boots from.  The pipes are cross drilled for maximum air flow, with most of the holes near the ends. Two pairs of boots can be dried at the same time.

The boot dryer is open at the bottom to give it two different modes of operation. It can either be powered by the large computer fan that is in the center, or the box can be placed of a forced air heat floor vent. This is especially effective during cold winter days, when the heater is running a lot. There's a small plate to cover the fan if floor vents are used for ventilation.

A view from underneath the boot dryer
To power the computer fan I mounted a 12 volt adapter inside the box with double sided tape. An extension cord is plugged onto the adapter to power it.

A small notch on the side of the box helps to guide the extension cord out without lifting the box up.

The wooden box was put together with wood glue and finished with alcohol based aniline dye and a couple of coats of polyurethane.

Here you can see the boot dryer with my ski boots and hiking boots (both size Enormous) on it. The dryer works wonderfully: every time I've used it, I had dry boots in the morning.

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