Saturday, January 16, 2016

Remote Control for Boat Lighting

It can be very dark at night when boarding our boat.

I used an inexpensive remote control kit and some diodes to be able to switch on most lights on the boat simultaneously (deck, interior, anchor).

The diodes isolate the different lighting circuits during normal operation; without them, switching on any of lights would turn on all lights.

Total cost of the project was about $25. The remote control unit was inexpensive and may only last a few years. It will be easy to replace, so that's fine. I don't it's coded, but that too is not a problem: no doors are locked or opened.

The remote lighting makes it easier and safer to get on and off the boat at night.


7 diodes and some copper electrical wire soldered together.
 The wire is white instead of red because I tinned it.
The diodes are rated for 10A continuous current. The remote control is is rated and fused for 15 A, which is fine since most of our lighting is LED.
Diode array potted in epoxy and heat conductive alumina.

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